Bikie couple arrested after she ’bit woman and stomped on head’

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BIKIE couple Ben “Notorious” Geppert and his heavily tattooed girlfriend Allaina Vader are behind bars after a brawl in which she allegedly bit a woman and stomped on her head.

The Gold Coast pair are in custody and due to face Southport Magistrates Court today after police raided their house and allegedly tackled a “naked” Ms Vader.

Ms Vader, 27, was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after she allegedly bit a 40-year-old stranger on the face and stomped on her head in a road rage dispute.

Geppert, 26, is charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, and drug matters.

The alleged road rage assault is said to have occurred last week at an intersection in the Gold Coast suburb of Robina, where the couple lives.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that, during the police raid, officers tacked Ms Vader to the ground while she was “naked”.

Gold Coast police went to their home and arrested the couple who were both taken into custody.

Earlier this month, Geppert posted videos on Instagram ranting about himself and other bikies.

He also posted an image of his tattooed face with the words, “Lock me up I’m outta control”.

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In February the couple were marched off the exclusive holiday resort Hamilton Island, where they had gone to celebrate Geppert’s 26th birthday.

Officers removed the pair by police boat from the island, with Ms Vader filming Geppert’s police escorted eviction, then apparently posting it to his Instagram account.

Whitsunday Island Local Area Command issued Geppert, 26, and Ms Vader, 27, with infringement notices for threatening behaviour in or near a licensed premises.

Later Ms Vader dismissed the penalty, which incurs a fine of up to $683, with an Instagram post which also disparaged the island.

“Two fines pfffff brrrrrrt throw it on our tabs ya dogs,” Ms Vader posted.

“I hated it there! Everything was shut the humans f***ed got our money back and free yacht ride to the mainland F***ing winning.”

The same month, Geppert had been involved in an Instagram spat with his former friend and ex-Bandidos bikie, Brett “Kaos” Pechey.

Former Hells Angels enforcer Geppert attacked Pechey in a lengthy Instagram post.

The 26-year-old bikie called Pechey, 31, a “dog” just weeks after they had posed swimming together on the Gold Coast with their Instagram-famous girlfriends, who are sisters.

Geppert showed an image of Pechey’s Instagram account with the words “weak dog” across it.

Flashing a large sparkling ring, Rikki Louise Jones announced the couple was starting a new life in Perth after Pechey was allegedly involved in a three-hour standoff involving police on the Gold Coast in April.

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A Hamilton man has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a B.C. Hells Angel at the Vancouver airport.

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Vancouver Sun

Knowah Ferguson, 21, also pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of an unknown person in June 2015.

The guilty pleas came after a judge dismissed an application by Ferguson’s lawyers to exclude evidence due to police breaching the accused’s rights. Ferguson’s trial was to have started May 28 in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Court heard that police suspected two people in Hamilton were hiring youth to commit shootings and that the accused, who was a teen at the time, was one of the youths being hired.

Ferguson was accused of approaching Hells Angel Damion Ryan in April 2015 while Ryan was seated at a table with another male in a food court at the airport and pulling out a firearm.

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There was a clicking sound and the gun failed to fire after which the three people at the scene, including Ferguson, took off running.

The murder conspiracy related to Ferguson conspiring with an associate who can only be identified as Witness X due to a publication ban, as well as others, to kill the unknown person.

Ferguson was taken into custody along with two other young men when a suspected stolen vehicle they were in was pulled over by Vancouver police near Main Street and East 10th Avenue on June 14, 2015.

When police searched the vehicle, they found firearms and ammunition, including three handguns, an AK-47 assault rifle and a silencer.

As a result of evidence gathered during the investigation, police became convinced of Ferguson’s involvement in the attempted murder and murder conspiracy.

During the pre-trial proceedings, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten dealt with several allegations that police had violated Ferguson’s rights.

While there was a lawful warrant to search various mobile devices, the accused’s lawyers established that the manner in which certain BlackBerry cellphones containing encrypted messages were searched had breached the accused’s rights.


The defence sought to have the evidence excluded, arguing that to admit the phone messages would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

The judge found that the Charter breaches were serious and that the police were careless in the execution of the search warrant.

But she also found that there was no bad faith conduct on the part of police.

“They did not conduct themselves with intentionality that amounts to a flagrant disregard of Mr. Ferguson’s Charter-protected interests,” the judge said in reasons released May 9.

“Instead, in my view, what occurred here is more appropriately cast as errors in judgment.”

A date for sentencing of Ferguson will be set May 30, with a sentencing hearing expected in late August or early September.

Gino Gavin McCall, Ferguson’s co-accused and also from Hamilton, pleaded guilty in September to one count of conspiracy to commit murder in relation to the alleged plot in June 2015.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison, reduced to three years, three months and 18 days in jail after he received credit for pre-sentence custody.

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Man with past links to Hells Angels alleged target of murder plot

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Off the Press From CBC News

Rob Antle and Jen White

Dustin Etheridge, 26, and John Squires, 34, charged with planning to kill Bradley Summers

wo St. John’s men with criminal histories have been charged with conspiring to murder a man who may have once tried to start a Hells Angels chapter in Newfoundland.

Dustin Etheridge, 26, and John Squires, 34, were arrested Wednesday night.

They appeared in provincial court in St. John’s on Thursday afternoon, and are being held in custody. Their next scheduled court date is later this month.

According to court documents, the pair are charged with conspiring to murder Bradley Summers between April 9 and May 16, and were in possession of a loaded firearm — a handgun — when they were arrested.

Etheridge was also charged with possession of a knife, which was a breach of his conditions from a previous brush with the law.

Summers has alleged ties to Hells Angels, Al Potter

Five years ago, CBC News reported that Bradley Summers may have been trying to open a Hells Angels branch in St. John’s.

In June 2013, Summers was arrested with Al Potter following a joint investigation by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and the RCMP into outlaw motorcycle gangs. They were charged with assault and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Summers wore clothing with Hells Angels emblems as he was paraded through provincial court following his arrest with Potter.

Both men lived in a house on Hamilton Avenue that was firebombed the month before. The firebombing happened the same day as a drive-by shooting on Dauntless Street.

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Previous CBC investigation into Etheridge

One of the co-accused, Dustin Etheridge, was the subject of a CBC News investigation five months ago.

At the time, he was soliciting new clients for his business, Twin City Movers, while he was facing bribery and weapons charges.

Etheridge had been convicted in February 2017 of dangerous operation of a vehicle and breach of probation.

He fled from police after being stopped for speeding in his red Dodge Viper near Deer Lake on the Trans-Canada Highway two years earlier.

The Mountie who pulled him over noticed a “large bulge” in the front pocket of his hoodie.

The officer told Etheridge he was under arrest, but Etheridge drove off — causing the officer to jump back to avoid being hit by the Viper.

The RCMP officer didn’t pursue the Viper, but later spotted the car pulled over on the side of the road.

Etheridge apologized for fleeing, and told the Mountie he did it because he was scared.

According to the agreed statement of facts, the “bulge that had been in his sweater was no longer present.”

Etheridge expressed remorse for his actions.

“I’m very sorry. I won’t be back here again,” he said.

But it wasn’t long before Etheridge was again before a judge.

He has court appearances scheduled for later this summer, related to charges of bribery, assaulting a woman with a knife, possession of a weapon, damaging property, and a number of breaches.

Squires also has criminal past

John Squires, the other co-accused in the murder conspiracy charge, also has a criminal background.

Squires was arrested in July 2014 with a sawed-off shotgun in his vehicle.

Police received a report that a man with a gun was parked in an SUV, across the street from the Froude Avenue Community Centre, at 2 a.m.

He was charged with six weapons offences, including having a prohibited weapon, removing the serial number from the gun, and violating a court order to not have a firearm.

Squires did plead guilty to breaching court conditions and was sentenced to time served.

But he walked out of provincial court as a free man in March 2015, after Judge David Orr ruled that the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary had violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in his arrest, and the search of his vehicle was unlawful.

In 2016, the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal ordered a new trial for Squires.

In a decision rendered in October 2016, four of five justices that heard the appeal agreed that the trial judge erred in the initial ruling and that the evidence should not have been excluded.

With files from Glenn Payette, Ariana Kelland and Curtis Rumbolt

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Matthew Paul Wiggins found guilty of 2012 shooting murder of Comanchero bikie Darko Janceski

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Off the Press

Mercury News

By the time he leaves, he will likely be middle aged, sporting grey hair and left with only dreams of a life that could have been.

Still, it’s a better fate than the miserable one that befell Darko Janceski on the afternoon of April 14, 2012.


Janceski, a known stand-over man for the Comancheros outlaw motorcycle gang, was gunned down in a brazen daylight shooting outside his parents’ home in Berkeley.

He had been working on a car in the front yard when a motorcycle pulled up, it’s rider firing seven shots towards Janceski, three of which hit him.

Janceski’s father, Slobodan, ran outside the house and confronted the shooter with a garden stake. The two wrestled but the gunman eventually got the better of Slobodan, who ended up with fractures to his eye socket, nose and jaw.

The culprit then escaped on the motorbike, leaving the gun, a helmet, sunglasses and a dying Darko at the scene.


It took police nine months to properly investigate the shooting and gather enough evidence to lay charges in January 2013.

They named Wiggins, now 29, as the trigger man, claiming he had been motivated by the death of a close friend, who he believed had been murdered by Janceski in November 2011.


Meantime, several others alleged to have played integral parts in the murder plot were also arrested, however most eventually had their charges dropped after the cases against them were found wanting.


But apparently not so the case against Wiggins: Just before 3pm on Wednesday, after a three days of deliberations, a jury found beyond reasonable doubt that it had been Wiggins riding the motorbike that day and that he was responsible for fatally shooting Janceski.


He was also found guilty of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm to Slobodan.

The verdicts end a fact-finding mission that has spanned six years, two failed Supreme Court trials and lengthy court delays.


Wiggins spent 11 months behind bars before being granted strict conditional bail in the NSW Supreme Court in November 2013.

That bail was revoked on Wednesday, with Wiggins now in the custody of NSW Corrective Services.


He will face sentencing in June.

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Lone Wolf bikie Tyson Bayley tells court of ‘deep regret’ over shooting former friend at Woonona

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Mercury News- Shannon Tonkin

A Woonona bikie who shot his best friend of seven years after a falling out over the man’s decision to leave the Lone Wolf outlaw motorcycle club has told a court he deeply regrets his actions.


“It’s hard to put into words but I will never be able to forgive myself for it,” Tyson Neil Bayley said during his sentence hearing in Wollongong District Court on Friday.

“We’d bickered in the past but always came good on it.

“It’s only after I did it that I realised I could never take it back. I’ve lost all our mutual friends because of it.


“I have dreams where me and him are back to being friends again and there’s no injury to his face but then I wake up to the reality of what I’ve done.”

Bayley, who sports a large wolf tattoo on his neck, pleaded guilty to a charge of discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm over the September 2016 shooting, which left ex-Lone Wolfer Nigel Romaniszyn partially blind in one eye and with permanently face scarring.


Court documents reveal the former friends fell out after Romaniszyn sought to leave the bikie club and the pair exchanged a series of threatening text messages in the weeks before the shooting.

Their verbal stoush came to a head one night, prompting Romaniszyn to agree to meet at Bayley’s home the next day.


However, Bayley opened fire at his former friend just moments after he pulled up and exited the vehicle.


Romaniszyn got back into his car and drove to a friend’s house on nearby Mountain Avenue where emergency services were contacted.

He was placed in an induced coma, intubated and airlifted to St George Hospital with gunshot wounds to his forehead, face and neck.


Bayley, along with two associates with him at the time, brothers Baris and Umit Esen, then piled into Umit’s car and drove off.

The trio was arrested less than a week later following an intensive investigation by Wollongong detectives.


The Esen brothers were both originally charged with being accessories after the fact, however Baris struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of concealing a serious indictable offence of another. He has since been placed on a two-year good behaviour bond.

In court on Friday, Umit was handed a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to the accessory charge.

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Bayley will be sentenced on May 30.

The following text messages are from an exchange between Tyson Bayley and the victim.

Tyson Bayley: I got nothing to speak to u about Dog u want ur one on one u know were I live

TB: Nothing to do with the club I’m no putrid c**t u wanna put me on the weak c**t we’ll see, come get it

Victim: I not gona come to ya house that’s a low act I’ll see ya round no big deal y u wanna write back now

TB: Low act? I was ur brother I loved u and u turned on me come to my house c**t ur not my mate anymore

Victim: Yea going to someone’s house is a low act! In my books! But wat evs I’ll call u tomoz


TB: Get some rest ur over tomorrow

TB: See u at mine tomorrow

TB: Turn up or don’t show ur face in woonona anymore

TB: Lol what u tryin to throw off this beef to him? He wants none of it and if he does hell cop what u do dog be at mine tomorrow this is my town this will be on my terms Unanderra mutt

Victim: Bring ya swag c**t u will be having a nap

TB: Be at mine or I’ll come to yours

Victim: Come to mine and this is were u rest C**T

TB: Lol I’ve saved your life twice dog now I’m gonna take it

TB: You’ll be leaving Wollongong tomorrow night

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Busted! Boastful ex-Finks bikie who posted videos online taunting police telling them ‘to catch him if they can’ is finally arreste

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Source: Daily mail UK


  • David Brooks is arrested after seven weeks of life spent on run from police
  • The ex-Finks bikie, from Newcastle, NSW, was on the run since 21 February
  • The 48-year-old was arrested north of Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon  
  • Brooks taunted police by sharing videos of himself online during time as fugitive 
  • He failed to report to parole officers after serving jail-time for selling drugs
  • In video he told police ‘Get yer f****** s*** together, you still haven’t found me’

The self proclaimed ex-bikie who has been on the run from police since late February has finally been caught.

David Brooks, a former member of the Finks bikie group, was arrested in South Australia on Wednesday, after being on the run for about seven weeks.

The 48-year-old was wanted since February 21 after he failed to report to parole officers after spending time behind bars for drug charges.

The Newcastle man, who posted fugitive videos online, was arrested north of Adelaide Wednesday afternoon and is expected to be extradited back to New South Wales, Daily Telegraph reported.

The ex-Finks member, who was charged with the warrant from NSW, previously boasted about avoiding authorities in a number of videos he posted during his time on the run.

‘I don’t accept those laws, so I can’t be a criminal,’ he said in one Facebook post.

Mr Brooks took part in an interview with 9 News and said he was being harassed by police until he couldn’t take it anymore.

He had some more choice words for police in another of his Facebook live updates. 

‘It’s the end of my patience I just took off to rebuild my life on my own terms,’ he said.

James Macecari Facebook Live

Starting Friday June 1st at 7:30pm cst then every Tuesday after that

He geo-tagged his Facebook updates with different locations everyday including Melbourne, Canada and the Philippines in a calculated ploy.

‘My actions are very deliberate and they shall continue to be until I am either caught or handed in,’ he said.

His latest post was geo-tagged as coming from Amsterdam which he joked about in the interview.

‘My feet aren’t taking well to clogs and the windmills messed up my hairstyle so that’s why I’ve got the hat,’ he said.

In a separate upload, he gave officers a ‘shout out’ and said they were failing to do their jobs.

In the video, in which he wears sunglasses and black sweater and smokes a cigarette, he says: ‘A shout out to detectives at a police station f****** anywhere’.

‘Get yer f****** s*** together, you still haven’t found me, you f***.’

He continues: ‘OK? I’m not that f****** hard to find’.

‘OK, I’ll give you a clue: I’m not in Fiji. Hopefully that will help you in your investigations into ”where is Brooksie”?’

Two hours after posting the video on Facebook, Brooks updated his location to Montreal, Canada by using the site’s ‘check in’ feature.

He wrote: ‘Anyone want some maple syrup?’

Brooks, who depicted himself as an outlaw, previously told The Daily Telegraph: ‘After four constant years of police harassment and being a target, I simply wanted to be left in peace and to be a normal everyday working person as I was before they injected themselves into my life.

‘I enrolled in university and am also working long hours. I have no affiliation with any motorcycle club and do not participate in any criminal activity.’

Asked if he wanted to hand himself in, he said: ‘I eventually do but I want to make some noise first.’

Brooks is expected to face court in South Australia at Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Thursday.

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Night Wolves biker group arrives in Prague- “Prague’s always been a difficult place for us,” said the tour’s leader, Andrei Bobrovsky,

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The Night Wolves, a Russian motorcycle club with close ties to the Kremlin, arrived in the Czech Republic yesterday as Europe marks the end of the Second World War.

Prague’s always been a difficult place for us. It’s a centre of resistance in a way. Resistance to good and reason.

Andrei Bobrovsky Leader of Night Wolves tour

The timing of the group’s arrival was controversial because for central and eastern Europe May 8 also marks the beginning of Soviet dominance in the region. Furthermore, Czechs are remembering 50 years since the Prague Spring, which was brutally ended by forces sent by Moscow.

“Prague’s always been a difficult place for us,” said the tour’s leader, Andrei Bobrovsky, “It’s a centre of resistance in a way. Resistance to good and reason…[however] If you look around you will see that we are welcomed by many”

On arriving at Prague’s Olšany Cemetary to pay tribute to the hundreds of fallen Soviet soldiers buried there, the bikers were greeted by opposing groups of supporters and protestors. Two people were detained by police as scuffles broke out. who eventually got into a conflict and two men were detained by the police.

One opponent of the group told Euronews: “They want to show us that Russia is big and it is coming nearer and nearer to us.”

Robin, a member of the Night Wolves, said the group has a different motive: “With this ride, I want to remember what happened 70 or more years ago. When a lot of young people, died for the freedom of Europe.”

The group will now head to Berlin for the last leg of their tour.

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